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move solutions, ltd’s award-winning office moving services

listening and planning

The key to every successful office move is that meeting expectations start with setting expectations. Detail, schedule, communication starts here.

project management

Personal attention to every detail is the key to saving you time and money. Having a project manager at your side ensures success.

property protection

Our professional full-time project managers attend to every detail of your schedule and our resources to ensure that expectations are met.

stack-n-pack no-lift crates

Our signature red crates have revolutionized moving. They’re economical, crush-proof, and secure, and come in sizes to fit your needs.

tech team pc_server services

Let our experienced technical staff provide knowledgable pairs of hands while your team focuses on server transition plans.

moving your firm

The physical part of your move means that it is time to take you out of business and then put you back in business.

final clean

Why worry about cleaning that vacated office, when we can handle it for you? Our white-glove services will exceed your final lease requirements.

enterprise accounts

We’re here to manage every detail of your transition seamlessly, efficiently, and with the expertise you’d expect from an industry leader.

ff&e receive & deliver/storage

Receiving, delivering, installing ff&e for schools, hotels, hospitals; experience is invaluable.

moving in the right direction

Knowing your project will go smoothly from start to finish can lift a heavy load off your shoulders. That’s why thousands of businesses have counted on us for over 30 years. See why they always call on Move Solutions.

  • “We were surprised with the fact that the Move Solutions Team took us ‘out of business’ at 5:00 pm on Friday, and we were up and running ‘back in business’ by 8:00 am on Monday. Expert crews, helpful supervisors, friendly installers– we will be calling Move Solutions for our moving needs from now on!”
    Jamie, Move Administrator, San Antonio, Texas
  • “Everything is here is done and we couldn’t be happier with you and your team. They did an amazing job and we really appreciate everything you do for BOMA!!”
    Alyssa, BOMA Dallas


the rest of our story; the total office solutions, llp family of companies
planning, furnishing, moving, liquidating




total office solutions, llp

The total office solutions, llp family of commonly owned companies provide a client with a resource rich “toolbox”, tools that can be used one at a time or all at the same time. ask about our multi-company project managers.



corporate source, ltd.

CSL skilled designers, using world class manufacturers Kimball, National, AIS, JSI, VIA, KI Architectural Wall, and hundreds more, bring you the esthetic, efficient, and productive office environment of your choice.



furniture solutions now, ltd.

Focused on the “middle / little” office market; new, pre-owned, and refurb options that are economy advantages, furniture immediately available or short lead times, installed at your site. Own, lease, rent; your space, temp space, swing space.



move solutions, ltd.

Thirty years of experience, dramatic employee / equipment resource, references; small through giant projects, enterprise relationships, MAC services; msl does it all. Property managers love us.



tech team solutions, dba

Respectful of client critical IT needs, we average 2,000 pc / server / peripheral disconnect and reconnects a month, seasoned field tech service leadership and technician team.



furniture services now, dba

Existing furniture repair, refinish, refurbish, and upholster, saving you money while blending your existing with your new choices. At project’s end we buy, remove, repurpose your previous furniture to lease requirement.

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