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#1 Contact Us to Get Started!

1-800-MOVEPLAN (1-800-668-7526),, or use “need a quote”!

Contact us and an experienced Account Manager, by onsite visit, phone call, or Zoom call, will explain our family of services, what services are necessary for your needs, and how we can help you with your transition needs. Our entire evaluation and proposal service is timely, accurate, and at no cost to you.

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#2 Meet & Greet

Meet your team lead by phone, in person or via Zoom.

Your Account Manager will meet with you by onsite visit, phone call, or Zoom call, to determine the scope of your move and needs and, if possible, conduct a walkthrough of the space. At that time, we will create a move plan and project proposal that fits all of your relocation requirements. Move Solutions takes full advantage of available technology like iPads, in-house designed software, and planned-out, time-efficient meetings to make your pre move process super efficient. Our BrassTacks TechEnabled CRM in-house proprietary software system and estimation tools are top-notch, enabling us to focus on your personalized moving needs.

Schedule Your Move and Pack/Prep Meetings

#3 Schedule Your Move and Pack/Prep Meetings

We plan your move via our BrassTacks TechEnabled Office Moving CRM.

A Project Manager will work closely with your team to ensure your entire staff is fully prepared and ready for move day. Your Move Solutions Account Manager will either schedule a physical pack meeting(s) with you and your team or will provide you with a Remote Access Animated Video Pack Meeting for your team distribution; Your Choice! During the pack meeting, we will explain how to best to pack their personal work belongings. Regardless of how complex or simple your move may seem, we will help you prepare, and support you every step of the way.

Purging and e-waste Disposal

#4 Purging & e-Waste Disposal

What Do I Do With My Useless STUFF?

Move Solutions provides security bins for your confidential document purging, normal bins for simple document trash, and fully certified removal, proof of destruction, and eDisposal of all electronics that fit the list of “time to go”!

Working with your team, Move Solutions can provide a purging an d eWaste collection and disposal process which will ensure that you don’t pay to move anything unnecessary, and that all of your eWaste goes to the RIGHT disposal, repurpose, reclamation resource.


#5 Furniture Solutions

Furniture Installation Professionals

Our W2 employed, trained, very experienced Furniture Installation teams uninstall, reconfigure, install all major furniture systems. Great people, great experience, tools and process equal great results. Skilled installation teams 100% covered by Texas “Subscription” Workers Compensation.

We maintain tidy, clean work areas. Your safety, Our safety is important to both of us.

It’s Your Move Night

#6 It’s Your Move Night

Who’s Your Best Friend?

Move Solutions is your best friend on move night. We do all the heavy lifting; all you need to do is sit back and relax. Our experienced, professional team of movers and installers will arrive on time and ready to work. And because our crews have been carefully and thoroughly screened before they step on your property, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Let our highly knowledgeable office-moving and installation crews take care of your office-moving needs today!

Lease Compliant Post Move Final Clean

#7 Lease-Compliant Post-Move Final Clean

Let Us Be Your Janitor!

Why worry about cleaning your vacated office, when we can handle it for you? Our white-glove services will exceed your final lease requirements. Your landlord gave you an attractive, clean new space when you moved in. Now that same landlord wants an attractive, clean space when you move out – sans normal wear and tear. We can do that for you; plenum clearance of low voltage and electrical, drywall and other repair, adhering to your departure lease agreement with that landlord.

Project Liquidation / Decommission

#8 Project Liquidation / Decommission

My Landlord Wants a Post Move-out Walk-Through. Am I Scared?

In addition to our Final Clean service, we are also an “Industry Best” furniture and asset liquidator. We can evaluate your used furniture and other assets for value and for cost of removal and disposition. We provide this service in a community-responsible, sustainable manner that provides you the maximum value available.


We’re Leading the Way with Our Reusable Security Crates!

Move Solutions has led the eco-friendly moving charge for over 20 years. We are pioneers in switching from cardboard to reusable plastic crates. We reduced cardboard going into landfill by 20,000 pounds monthly. Our red security crates provide 33% more storage than cardboard plus locked security, crushproof durability, and easy handling. No one ever needs to lift a loaded crate! We’ll teach your employees efficient crate-packing, and you can prepare with our downloadable handouts.


FF&E and OS&E “Anywhere”

Do You Know Move Solutions is one of the ten largest hospitality and business relocation service providers in the country, including being the largest in Texas.

From 1,000+ keys to single room models, each project receives the same exceptional attention to detail and commitment to ensure satisfaction.


Secure Shredding, eWaste Disposal, and Certified Removal!

Move Solutions prioritizes your security, privacy, and business information. We offer scheduled, supervised disposal services for documents, electronics, and more.

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