Project Decommission

Your “need to move” turns into “you are moving” turns into “you did move”. The dust has cleared, the movers are gone, your teammates have all shown up for work, unpacked their crates, your new Property Managers loves you, your boss wants to talk to you about well-deserved bonus.

Wait, not so fast, you still have a origin space lease Property Manager and he or she is just not done with you yet. When you signed that origin space lease you agreed to turn in your space back to the Property Managers broom clean and lease return compliant. That means your old furniture must be removed, disposed of, your old cables must be cut at the wall, removed from the plenum (above the ceiling), and that any electrical connections must be disconnected properly by a license electrician. If you had power poles with your cubicles you very well may need to have the electrical conduit, cables feeding them removed.

Move Solutions “Final Clean” and “Decommission” services are perfect to you need. They are designed to quickly, simply, thoroughly conform your old space to a lease return compliance with your lease; allow you to get your lease deposit back promptly without fuss!