Certified Disposal & Post Move Purge for an Efficient Office Move

Shredding, eWaste
Certified Disposal

Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions work together to provide clients with purging of electronic equipment, hard drive destruction and NAID AAA Certified shredding including certificate of destruction.

Premove Shredding, eWaste destruction and Certified Disposal for a Safe and Efficient Office Move.

Every office move includes the adage “Don’t pay to move trash”. Think of the sadness of paying your office mover to “just move everything”, only to realize what is trash as it comes off the truck and has no place in your new business home.

It is essential that you think through what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, business “secrets”. Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions help you with all of that; we have been “there” thousands of times to your one. Scheduled and supervised privacy destruction; whether documents, electronic equipment, or objects. When electronics have been cleansed of data, Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions then disposes of them in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions offer purging equipment and services for your use BEFORE the move. Gondolas, Purging Bins, insertion of the activity into the master schedule; all-important to you reducing your move expense in a expense-conscious and responsible manner.

So, LET’S REDUCE YOUR OFFICE MOVING EXPENSE by reducing what you move to what you need after you have moved.

Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions

Your trusted partner for the following services!

Shredding “NAID AAA Certified”

Onsite & Offsite capabilities

Electronic Recycling “R2 Certified”

Hard Drive Shredding

Certificate of Destruction & Recycling

100% Recycled