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Tech Enabled Office Moving; What the Heck Does That Mean?

Tech Enabled Office Moving - BrassTacks CRM

Move Solutions BrassTacks CRM is your invitation to Tech Enabled Office Moving. “What the heck” slips through your mind, “Tech Enabled Office Moving?” Isn’t office moving just big guys moving objects from one place to another?

“Office moving today is a much, much more complex task than it has ever been. A competent office moving professional must understand the city, the roadworks, the traffic patterns, the ins and outs of dumb buildings, smart buildings, passenger elevation networks, freight elevators, building security, engineers, and the psychology of you and your firm. Your office moving professional is going to ultimately take you out of business, do his job, put you back in work with you. In the midst of all of that he or she has to understand your physical contents that need to be moved, the outside suppliers that might be necessary, all inside and outside commercial real estate project managers, you’re your ever changing schedule needs. That office mover has to hit all targets, satisfy all needs. There is no close in office moving; only the bulls-eye.

Move Solutions Tech Enabled Office Moving is the process engine that all personnel work with, work through in a flexible yet rigidly adherent service environment; a process that starts when we meet you, that completes when you are happy and complete. It is a combination of software, devices, computers, people, documents that weaves together on your behalf to ensure that all parties on the same page, the right page at the right time doing the right things.

Think “Fail Safe, Transparent, All The Time, Now” and you will understand BrassTacks.

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