Frequently Asked Questions - Move Solutions

What Smart Questions Should you be Asking?

Office-Moving Experience

How long has the office-moving company been in business and/or providing office-moving services? Is their business focus office-moving? What other services does the company provide that detract from its office-moving services?

Move Solutions, Ltd. is completely focused on office and industrial office-moving services and has been doing so for more than 35 years. All of our employees and equipment resources are dedicated to providing these services and these services alone. Move Solutions is a family-owned business; therefore, we treat you like family. We also have a series of sister firms that liquidate office furniture, provide new furniture, and used furniture, plus we can refinish or refurbish your current furniture.

Office-Moving Resources

How many W2 movers, installers, drivers and supervisors does the company employ, and are they all dedicated to office-moving services? What kind of background checks and/or drug testing is performed as part of their hiring process?

Move Solutions, Ltd supports more than 400 families and has the largest manpower resource dedicated to office and industrial office moving services in the Southwest. Prior to hiring an employee, we run background checks and pre-employment drug screening. We also have the largest quantity of company owned office moving equipment in the industry.

Office-Moving Process, Process, Process; Nothing Good Happens Without It!

What system, what technology does the company employ to take notes, prepare proposals, schedules and work orders, communicate transparently with you and your team?

Move Solutions, Ltd. employs a proprietary technology platform called BrassTacks that accepts data and creates, tracks and reports all data relative to your project. It is cyber secure, fixed and mobile, transparent, real time; if we know it, you know it, wherever you are!

Office-Moving Insurances; ACCORD Form 25

Does the office-moving company provide the following types of insurance?

  • Texas “Subscription” Workers Compensation for all of its employees
  • General Liability
  • Cargo / Transportation coverage
  • Auto Liability

Texas “Subscription” Workers Compensation coverage provides you with the legal defenses available by Texas statute. CAUTION: Alternative workers compensation programs strip you of those defenses.