In 2000, Move Solutions made the executive decision to move from using cardboard boxes in their moves to a plastic reusable crate. The thought behind the big switch was to help alleviate the growth of municipal solid waste and create a more proficient relocation service. Move Solutions became the first commercial office relocation firm to use the crates in the South Western United States. The switch from cardboard boxes to plastic crates eliminated 20,000 pounds of waste from our Texas landfills a month. Our packaging methods include re-usable fabric moving pads, minimal biodegradable shrink-wrap, and minimal tape to cut down on disposal needs at the job site. Preservation has had to be a part of our philosophy due to the ever-growing commercial centers we are a part of. Not only do we provide the plastic crates to our clients, but we provide pack meeting Services where we teach them how to pack their crates safely.

green efforts

Total Office Solutions, LLP

Total Office Solutions, LLP has made a conscious effort to implement sustainability. We recognize the importance of assisting our communities with a better place to work and live. Therefore, we consistently strive to improve upon our own practices and assist in educating others on how they can contribute to the renewal of our earth’s resources. Each of our companies utilizes an application monitoring system. These particular application monitors keep track of our system resources and minimize the amount of time the equipment is running, thus conserving energy when they are not in use. Once our computers have reached the end of their life cycle they are taken to a recycling organization. The CPU tower and monitors are then stripped down to their basic components and are recycled or sold for reuse.