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Move Solutions is one of five Total Office Solutions (TOS) companies shown working for you below. Together they provide the services and products needed by a commercial tenant planning a relocation project. From workplace planning, furnishing, technology, moving to facility decommissioning, Total Office Solutions is a perfect partner resource. Our local and national clients use our complete flexibility to their advantage!

The following project description shows the Total Office Solutions companies as they provide services and products, coordinated by a TOS Account Manager, in support of your successful project completion.


Consider Total Office Solutions an umbrella under which all of your workplace planning, furnishing, moving, technology management, decommissioning and liquidation requirements are organized. Our suite of services with a single point of contact means an agile, effective response and quick delivery of informed solutions as your needs evolve.


Our clients want an attractive and comfortable environment that’s conducive to gathering, productivity and maintaining a strong workforce. To that end, the Furniture Solutions Now philosophy is about furnishings as a tool for success. Whether you desire all-new furniture, a preowned solution or a melding of your existing furnishings with additional pieces, our designers have the expertise and resources to help your workplace meet its full potential.


A workplace move encompasses every tangible asset, and technology equipment can be among the most sensitive and valuable to manage. TechTeam Solutions Services provides comprehensive IT moving services to ensure a smooth transition, including computer disconnection and reconnection; server relocation; new equipment receipt, management and installation; and appropriate disposal and recycling.


Move Solutions project managers coordinate every step of your office move for total peace of mind, saving you time and money in the process. Our turnkey moving services include insured, background-checked move teams; signature pack-and-stack, no-lift crates; and property protection to assure a zero-damage move on both ends.


When it’s time to liquidate and decommission your office, our start-to-finish services assure a fluid process. We take careful inventory of your furniture and assets and present a valuation proposal. After removal of inventory, we also provide complete cleaning and repair services to assure you leave the space 100% lease compliant.

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