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5 Tips For Business Movers That Will Make Your Move Easier

Moving an entire business to another location is a task that takes time and an eye for detail. Creating a checklist and having a good form of communication will save you lots of time and ensures nothing goes missing. Read this article to get tips for business movers and what you can do to prep to make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Hiring The Right Company

Moving businesses is not something companies do on a day to day basis. It’s vital that you choose business movers who will respect your belongings and your time. Move Solutions has a team of experts who guide your team from start to finish. Your team gets assigned an account manager to help you every step of the way. They also do a meet and greet to do a walk-through of your current space and the space you’ll be moving into. The account manager gets a visual of how the move will be conducted and what your team needs each step of the way. You’re never in a place of not knowing what your next steps will be because our account managers will keep ongoing communication.

2. Communication with Business Movers

Moving business locations requires detailed discussion. You want to make sure you inform your employees of the move as well as staying in contact with your new leasing manager and movers. Move Solutions provides project management and guidance on the best communication system to assure all parties are on the same page. A misstep in communication can halt your moving progress down. Before your move, you want to notify your employees and get an in-house communication system set. Have weekly meetings to make sure your employees know what to do during the move. Everyone has a job in a business move whether it’s big or small. Make sure you know who’s packing up all the conference rooms down to the kitchenware. Move Solutions will provide moving crates, so your belongings are safe at all times. Once you have internal communication settled, stay in touch with your leasing manager to make sure all your paperwork is resolved before you move into your new office.

3. Liquidate Your Office Furniture

If you have furniture, you’re not taking with you to your office, hire a liquidation company that will buy your used furniture from you instead of putting your furniture in storage or throwing it away. Furniture liquidation can help you save towards new furniture for your new office. Placing furniture in storage can often be a waste of money with monthly fees which can add up in the long-term. Consult with your project manager from Move Solutions on recommendations. If your furniture is too old to liquidate they can guide you in the right direction.

4. Update Local Listings

It’s important to update all local listings when moving. You don’t want clients showing up to the wrong address once you’ve moved. Send out emails in advance notifying your clients that you’ll be moving locations. Update address on Google/Yelp/Facebook/Website and any other social listings you have. If you have multiple locations, using Yext to change all at once is more convenient. You can also have a notice on your front door once you move stating your new address, just in case a client misses your emails and google listing. This way the note can guide them to the right location. Once you move to your new location, send your clients a final email telling them you’ve moved to the new address. It’s always better to over communicate than having an upset client who wasn’t aware of the move.

5. Keep Your Receipts

Keeping track of your expenses during your move is vital. Even the smallest thing from tape to box cutters. You want to keep track of all your receipts, so you know how much you spent on the move for any future references if you plan to move again. It’s important to communicate this with your employees, in case they spend any money on moving supplies. Be sure to gather all the receipts as you go or hand them to your office manager or accounting team. If you have an expense recorder, tell your team to type in your expenses in the system as they go.

Having these business movers tips can be handy if it’s your first time moving. Start by hiring a great team of movers like Move Solutions who will understand your company needs and will handle your belongings with care. Afterward, start by creating your office move checklist and jotting down all your ideas and your move plans with your moving team and company. As always, communication is vital. Be sure to meet face to face with your team members, your moving team as well as your new leasing manager to make sure you’re on the same page. Stay on top of all your paperwork and receipts. Contact an expert from our team at Move Solutions to make your move hassle-free.


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