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Office Move Checklist – What to Consider When Moving

When moving into a new office having an office move checklist is essential, so nothing gets overlooked. There are lots of things to consider when looking for an office such as office security, the location, office management and more. In this article, we highlighted top 7 things you should check off before moving to your new location.

1. Is Your New Office Furnished

Just like apartments, offices also come pre-furnished. When office hunting, ask the leasing manager if it’s pre-furnished or if any furniture comes with it. If you don’t get desks maybe you’ll have filing cabinets or a conference room table that comes with the office. Looking for a pre-furnished office can ease your move drastically so you don’t have to furniture shop.

2. Parking Space Availability

Not all offices have parking spaces for your employees. Ask your leasing manager what is included in the lease. How many parking spots are available and if there isn’t parking, what’s the cost for a parking pass? If your office is in the city or downtown, there’s a chance that your parking garage might not be connected to your building. Have a headcount ready for how many parking spaces you’ll need and if your team is expanding, ask them if it’s okay to add on parking spaces later on. If the parking lot is filling up, buy a couple of extra passes for any new hires you might have.

3. Building Security

Your office move checklist should have safety as a top priority. You don’t want your employees scared to come to work. If your office is in downtown or an area that’s not too developed, see if there is building security. If not see how far the nearest police station is. It’s always better to be over prepared for protection than under. You don’t ever want to jeopardize the security of your employees. Ask your building management if there is a nonemergency security number you can call. If there is, feel free to give that number to your employees so in case they ever feel insecure they can give them a call at all times.

4. Reliable Office Management

Having a good relationship with your new leasing manager or office management is essential. When you’re looking for a new office, check out reviews on google on office management for the building you’re looking to move into. People usually leave Google reviews on how responsive management is and how they take care of issues when they arise. Educate yourself on management and the building before starting your lease. It’s crucial to ask management about all building questions such as:

  1. How old is the building
  2. Has there ever been concerns about mold?
  3. Pest control
  4. If they have a cleaning company who cleans the building/takes out the trash etc

5. Surrounding Areas

The next step in your office move checklist is to get familiar with the areas around the office. How close is the nearest coffee shop? Are there any restaurants close by that you can take your clients or employees too? Are places walking friendly? Analyze these questions before picking your location. If your new office is in a different city, look at google maps and get a visual view of what the area looks like.

6. Office Lease Contracts

It’s important to get all the cost questions answered before signing your lease. Ask your new office management about any upfront costs. If they have a cleaning company that comes to take out the trash and vacuum, how much are you charged for that as well as any parking charges? How long is your contract for? Is it cheaper if you sign a longer lease vs. a short lease? How flexible is your lease if you have to get out of it, what’s the cancellation policy?

7. IT Support In-House

Having an internet connection that is reliable is essential to the tech world. Make sure your new office has a good wifi connection with a top-notch IT support. If you have a large team, it’s vital that there’s an IT support in-house. If not, see if you the building offers a number to call for IT. If the leasing office doesn’t have IT, team, in-house, our team at Move Solutions provides one for you. Our IT team helps you install all technology and gets you set up in your new office with ease.

This office move checklist is a great guide to have on hand when you’re looking for a new place. There is no such thing as asking too many questions. Before meeting your building manager and signing your lease, meet with your team and prioritize your checklist. What are the top 3 things you need in your new office? Our team at Move Solutions also has a project management team on hand that can walk you through any questions you may have, contact us today!


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