13 Things You Need To Check Off Before Moving Offices

Moving Offices: 13 Things You Need To Check Off Before Your Move

Having a checklist is essential when moving offices. You want to make sure everything is covered and checked off before your big move. Get all your tasks done so you can make your first day at the office relaxed. In this blog, you’ll find a checklist of things you should do before moving into your next office. From things like finding your furniture to setting up wifi. Our Move Solutions team also has project managers to help you along the way. Let’s get started!

1. Space Inspection

When moving offices be sure to inspect all the minor details. Kind of like when you move into a new apartment or rent a car, you inspect it for any stains or scratches before you start moving in or driving. When you’re at the new office take a look at your walls, floorings, and switches. Are all the lights working? Is the paint chipped? Even if your space is brand new, there can always be something that may get overlooked. Be sure to examine:

Write down whatever needs sprucing up. When you have your list, talk to your office or leasing manager and discuss how these items will be fixed. Is it something you have to get done on your own or can the office/leasing manager take care of it?

2. Re-painting Walls When Moving Offices

Look at your office color and see how the walls color makes you feel. You want your employees to come to work and feel relieved and happy. See which colors your walls are and think if you’re going to repaint them based on the psychology of colors. Do you want to paint them yellow to have a positive energy flow, or blue to provide calmness? Talk with your employees to see what they would feel most comfortable in! Re-painting is not necessary but should be considered.

3. Kitchen and Bathrooms

When inspecting the kitchen and bathrooms ask yourself these questions. Are your water filter and kitchen faucet working? How’s the water pressure? Is the water clear? Inspect these things before you move in and consult with your office management team on who you can call to fix any issues that may arise. Be sure to check the bathroom fixtures as well as the toilets to assure they’re not overflowing when you flush.

4. Measuring Office Space

Once you finish your list of areas that need a touch-up, measure your office space. This is an important step, so you know what sizes to look for when buying your new or used furniture. If you have a floor plan, you can also use that as your size chart, so you don’t physically have to measure the rooms. However, get an idea of what size desk you want and if you will have room left over to add any other furniture such as a sofa or extra chairs. Take notes and have an idea in your head in what will fit in your office, so when you’re furniture shopping, you’ll know exactly what to buy!

5. Shopping For Office Furniture

When shopping for furniture have your measurements in mind. If you’re shopping online filter it out by sizes or if you’re shopping in person, be sure to let them know that you have your measurements so you won’t waste time on looking at furniture that doesn’t fit. Have colors in mind of what will match with your office walls and flooring.

6. Meeting Building Management

Meet with your new building manager to build that relationship and trust. It’s important to meet in person at least once to put a face to a name. Make sure you have their full contact info in case of an emergency.

7. Office Building Rules

When you meet with your building management, ask them if they’re any specific rules that need to be followed in the building. Each office is different with a different management team. It’s important to respect people’s space and ask them the rules (if any) that you or your employees should be aware of before you move in. Once you have the set of rules, communicate them with your employees. You want everyone on the same page at all times!

8. Switching Insurance

Switch over your insurance to your new office. Call them in advance to let them know the changes that are happening when moving offices. It’s important to have all insurance paperwork done before the move in, so you have your insurance running the day of your move.

9. IT Inspection

Have an IT inspection done before/during and after moving offices. Be sure to have them inspect your wifi and other IT technicalities. During your move, have your IT team there to install your phones and computers to make sure they work correctly. It’s better to have them there the day you move so you can resolve issues on the spot (wifi connections etc.). You don’t want to halt your working day hours due to technical problems.

10. Ordering Cables and Wires

Once your IT team has inspected your office, order any necessary cables or wires that you may need. If you bought a new TV, do you need an HDMI wire? If you purchased new computers, do you need mouses or chargers? Have a checklist for your inventory and make sure it matches up with the wires and cables that are required for that list. Review it with your IT team before buying your cables to make sure you’re ordering the correct ones.

11. Setting Up Utilities

Call the utility company you use now and see if they will provide the same service to your new office location. If they don’t offer it in the area you’re looking in, find other substitutes. You can even call your new office management team to see which companies they recommend, or if they work with any companies in particular.

12. Locks and Keys

Get your locks and keys made for all your employees and some extra in case they get lost for your new office. Be sure to give your employees the new keys before the move in date, so they’re not locked out on their first day. Double check that your keys or key-card work with the new offices, if not consult with your office management team to get you a new key!

13. New Address Notifications & Business Cards

Be sure to notify your clients and other companies (electric/credit card company etc.) that you’re moving offices. Let the clients and companies know at least a month in advance, so they have time to prepare and re-route any mail they planned to send your way. With a change in address, it’s essential to update the address on your business cards to give people the most accurate location. Update addresses on your social media such as google my business/facebook and any other place you have your address.

Have this office move checklist on hand when moving offices! Review it with your employees and co-workers and your office moving team, so you are all on the same page. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on any other items you checked off before your move.


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