10 Easy Steps For Your Office Relocation - Relocation Strategy

Relocation Strategy: 10 Easy Steps For Your Office Relocation

Office moves and relocations can get complicated. It’s important to have a plan in place from the start. From the planning stages to finally getting set up in your brand new office, you need to think of the best way to handle every step. Fortunately, with our expert tips, an effective office relocation strategy isn’t hard to come up with.

1. Answer Some Key Questions

Before you even call the office movers, you have to think about some critical parts of your move very carefully. Why are you moving? How many people are leaving? When do you need to be moved into your new space? Answering some fundamental questions can be of great assistance in the planning process. You don’t have to answer these questions alone. Get your office management team together for a relocation strategy meeting before you begin any critical operations of your move.

2. Create a Budget For Your Relocation Strategy

Creating a relocation strategy budget can save you lots of time and money. If you’re moving to smaller office space, think about getting a storage unit for your furniture, liquidating your furniture or even selling it. However, if you’re moving into a bigger area, think about if you want new or used furniture for your employees. Once you’ve factored in furniture, have an idea in mind for your office movers. Having a budget in mind can help you make all the executive decisions for your company. Have a brainstorm and get ideas from your office management on what your relocation budget should be. Have your current finances in mind while making this decision.

3. Make a Timeline

Now that you’ve answered some critical questions about your move make a timeline to plan out each step. This has two benefits. It can break down this big office relocation project into more manageable bits. It can also help you make sure that you don’t fall too far behind. Set some goals and stick to them to ensure a timely move. At Move Solutions, our project managers can help you schedule out your timeline. If it’s your first move, we understand that you might have lots of questions, we’re here to make sure none of them go unanswered.

4. Talk to Your Employees

At every stage of the process, talk to your employees to let them know what’s going on. Communication is vital when moving to a new location. When you’re busy talking to office moving companies, the day to day of office life needs to go on. Your employees need to be kept in the loop, so they do their jobs and help out if need be. You don’t want any work to be halted in the moving process.

5. Know the Strengths of Each Worker

On that same note, know your employees and what they can contribute to the office relocation strategy process. Delegating during a big move like this is essential. Knowing what kind of task each employee can handle during the move will save you lots of time. Have a company meeting and openly ask what everyone would like to help with. This way, employees feel like they’re a part of the move and they will pick tasks that they enjoy doing.

6. Set Milestones

As a timeline, setting milestones can help break down a seemingly massive project into achievable goals. Setting specific goals like completing your new office floor plan, digitizing needed documents, and packing up every required piece of furniture can make it feel like you’re making significant progress. The whole office relocation process will seem far less daunting.

7. Be Ready to Improvise

Planning each aspect of a move is great, but keep in mind that not everything will necessarily go the way you expect. Be ready to adapt to new issues to keep the moving process running smoothly. Our team at Move Solutions will be there every step of the way, but you also want to make sure you’re ready to improvise for anything internal that might arise during your move.

8. Communicate

Don’t just talk to your employees about your move. Make sure that your clients know about the move and how it’s progressing. Ensure that local customers know about it too. Devise a communications strategy to make sure that everyone who needs to be in the know is. Utilize social media to communicate with your customers or clients that you’re moving. You don’t want to lose any customers in the process of your move, because they can’t find your new location. Be sure to update your google maps location, yelp, social media and more!

9. Have a Design Plan

Before you move into your new office, know the space and see how the components of the current office fit into your new place. This isn’t something you want to improvise. Have a plan, and your office relocation strategy will cause fewer headaches. At Move Solutions, our team helps you work through this part of the process. We do a walk through with you to make sure all of your furniture will fit as planned for the big moving day.

10. Have a Plan for Move-In Day

On the day you move into your new office space, make sure you have a plan to welcome everyone. Workers, clients, and customers will appreciate a warm welcome to an unfamiliar area. Have breakfast ready or have lunch provided for everyone for a warm welcome to their new office home. You want to make sure you start your first day in the new relocation space with a happy mindset.


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