Office Relocation: What to Keep in Mind When Storing Office Furniture

When you’re dealing with an office relocation, there could be many good reasons to put some of your furniture into storage. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller space. Perhaps you’ve purchased some new equipment, but you decide to store the older furniture since there’s nothing wrong with it. Whatever your reasons are, here are some things you should keep in mind when storing office furniture when making your next office move.

Figure Out Space For Your Office Relocation

If you’re using Move Solutions and plan to store some of your furniture, you need to know how much space your furniture will require. How many desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and other bits of office furniture do you need to store? Properly evaluate how much space you’ll need to store your furniture. You don’t want to pay for extra space you don’t need, but you also don’t want to end up with a cramped storage unit that can lead to cosmetic or severe damage to your furniture. At Move Solutions, we assign a project manager to answer all of your questions as well as assist you in measuring out your space. This is crucial especially if it’s your first time moving, you want to make sure you take all the right steps when relocating your furniture.

Do You Need Climate Control?

Depending on what you plan to store once our office movers have gotten to work, you might want to opt for climate controlled storage. Wooden furniture can be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If you’re storing filing cabinets and keeping some documents in them, these papers might also be affected. If you’ve decorated your office with artwork and you plan to store it during your move, it might also require a climate controlled storage solution.

Are You Renovating?

In our experience, some clients who use our office relocation services also end up renovating their new office space. If this is a priority for you, it might be wise to store some of your furniture so that it’s out of the way. Make sure that you’re storing just the things you don’t need right away, and your renovation process will go a bit more smoothly. Liquidating your furniture is also a great route to go through if you don’t want to store your furniture and pay monthly fees for storage. Both options provide different benefits and are great if you’re renovating.

Figure Out the Essentials

As we mentioned above, you also want to know exactly what you need at your new office right away. After an office relocation, what furniture do you need to get to work immediately? Do you need desks for all your employees or do you want to furnish your kitchen/conference rooms first? When evaluating your options, think about how many employees you have and what they would need to get started on their work without missing any deadlines. You want to make sure that your employees are comfortable, so they can get to work right away.

Look for Convenience

When you’re storing office furniture, you don’t want it to be a pain to recover your items when you need them. You want it to be convenient, and you want to know that your belongings are in safe hands. At Move Solutions – one of the best Moving companies in Dallas, we can help you with that. You won’t have to worry about any of your furniture getting lost in the shuffle. We accurately track and inventory everything that comes gets loaded on to our trucks. If you need some specific items, we can pull and deliver them upon request. We’ll get the job done quickly too. There’s no reason to go anywhere else for office relocation services.