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Office Moving Tips: 7 Things You Might Forget to Pack

Packing up an office takes a lot of work with lots of moving parts. Depending on how big your company is an office move could take anywhere from 6 months to a year of planning. Since there are so many moving parts, our blog highlights items you might forget to pack in the process, so now you can our office moving tips on top of your mind when moving.

Office Moving Tips: Don’t Forget Your Name Tags

The first thing our office moving tips consists of is name tags. Name tags are typically outside of office doors, which is why they are forgotten during an office move. Make sure you communicate with your teammates to take their name tags before they move. You can also add this item in your move out checklist. If you don’t currently have name tags, maybe you can add “create name tags” for your new office as your move in checklist!

Wall Decor

When you’re busy cleaning out your drawers, conference rooms and other areas in your office it’s easy to overlook what’s on the walls. Communicate with your employees that they bring down all of their decor before they take their stuff for the move-out. Make sure that your office entrance and foyer wall decoration is taken down. Some items you might forget are whiteboards that also act as wall decor.

Desk Screws

If you’re taking all of your desks with you, be sure to pack all the screws along the way. Pack the screws for the desks in a bag and color code the bags to match with the desks if they’re different desks. This way you can easily find which desk is yours along with your bag of screws. This makes an office move go much more smoothly.

Wall Shelves

It’s easy to overlook shelves on the wall because you might forget if you had put them up or if they came with the office when you moved in. Designate a person who is handy with tools to take down all shelves in the office. This way you don’t have to worry about who is in charge of taking down what.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are often packed up in the end since people wipe down their office before they leave. Once you move into your new office, you will need cleaning supplies to wipe away any pre-existing dust in your new office. Have your last cleaning day be a couple of days before the move out so you can pack all the extra cleaning supplies before your big move. This helps prevent anything from being misplaced in the process.

Office Plants

Some other office moving tips include taking your plants. It’s easy to overlook plants in the office while packing. Take all the plants hiding in the corners of your offices and your conference rooms. If you have any flowers or plants in vases, be sure to empty out the water the morning or day before your move, so the water doesn’t spill everywhere during the move. Don’t forget to add the water back in once the plants arrive safely at their new office destination.


People leave pens and paper all over the place; it is an office after all. When moving check all the drawers and conference rooms and even the floors for any pens or notepads that might’ve been forgotten. Most importantly, don’t forget to empty out that supply closet! Tell all team members to take all their stationary and pack it up in boxes the day before the movers come in.

These office moving tips are designed to make sure you don’t forget those last minute knick knacks before your big move. It’s important to designate 1-2 people in the office to do a final office walk-through before you leave. This walkthrough is similar to the one you might do when you leave your hotel room after a weekend. For your office walkthrough, make sure your wall decor is taken down as well as making sure the drawers and cabinets are cleaned out. You don’t have to walk through each and every employee’s desk since they should be responsible for their belongings, but it’s important to do an overall office walkthrough.

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