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9 Steps You Can Take Today To Make Your Office Move Easier

Moving offices is a job of its own, especially if you’re a big company with lots of employees to manage. In this blog, you’ll read 9 steps you can take to make sure your office move goes as smoothly as planned.

1. Make A Checklist & Timeline

Open your excel sheet or word doc and start with organizing your thoughts on what needs to happen in order of importance. Start by listing out things that need to get done right away and continue onto to items that can wait. When writing each item have a completion date attached to that item so you can hold yourself/others accountable for when each item should be completed. Sometimes, it’s easier to work backward. Be sure your timeline is aligned with your employees’ timelines, so they are prepared for the move. Write down your move-out date if you have one and work backward to when you need to have things done by. If you don’t have a specific date yet, then start with a list of the initial steps you want and need to take.

2. Find A Moving Company

Once you make your checklist/timeline, see which office mover company meets your needs. Put the size of your company and number of employees in perspective. You want a company sizeable enough to take care of all your belongings. Research which company you want, make sure they’re located near your old or new office. This makes traveling easy for everyone involved. When contacting a moving company, it’s important to ask how many moves they have done in the past, how many employees will take care of your moving needs, the cost and most importantly, their timeline. You’ll also want to make sure the company you are hiring has full-time employees, and not one-off contractors. You want to make sure their schedule matches the time you have to move out to your new office. Also, ask the moving company how many days it takes for them to move your belongings and if they offer packers. Once you have an answer to all your questions, you can make a reasonable decision if this is the office moving company for you!

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3. Hire Professional Packers For Your Office Move

Once you have selected your office move company, its time to start looking for office packers. If your moving company offers professional packing, then skip this step! Before you start calling packing companies, ask yourself if your company even needs packers. Are you taking all of your furniture with you? Or are you selling it and buying new furniture for your new office? See how many things you need to pack up. If you are taking all your belongings to your new office, it’s best to hire packers. It is efficient for you as a business to get your office ready in a short amount of time and to hire someone to do all the heavy lifting for you. This way your office will be prepared in time so your customers don’t have any problems. You also don’t have to worry about packing up far in advance and risking not being able to find what you need.

4. Create Your New Office Layout

Think about your new office that you’ll be moving into. Do you want to have the same design or switch things around? If you’re going to change up where displays/desks go or where your employees will sit, you should have an execution plan for that. You don’t want to show up in your new office and not know where to put things. Create an office blueprint/layout. It’s best to draw out where you want desks to sit and what purpose you want the offices to hold. Do you want the offices to turn into conference rooms or do you want to give the office space to a manager? You should decide what you want to do with your new area before your move happens. It’s also important to communicate your new office blueprint to your moving/packing team as well as your employees, so everyone knows where to sit and the movers know where to place everything for the big day.

5. Organize Your Move

When you find your professional packers or opt for an alternative packing option, start thinking about how you want to box up the personal belongings in your drawers, etc. The best way is to box your things and label everything with a label maker. For example, ask all your employees to box up their stuff in their drawer and label your names on the boxes. Box up personal stuff from your conference rooms, i.e., picture frames/notepads, etc. and label it “conference room” this way when the movers come in to move your items they’ll know where to put it in the new office.

It’s best to also create seating charts for your new office move. You can also put labels in the new office on the tables and conference rooms, so your movers will know where everything goes. For example, if you have an employee named Tom, you can put Tom’s name on his new desk in the new office, as well as put his name on his box he packed up. This way when the movers come in, they can put Tom’s items on his desk, so he doesn’t have to go and find his belongings in a pile of other boxes.

6. Set Up A Communication Plan

Make sure you are communicating with your employees/customers that you are moving. If you’re a retailer, you want to make sure your customers know where your new location will be months in advance, so you don’t lose your old customers. Posting on social media and updating your Google listing is key so that people can find you on the map with your new location. If you don’t update your google map listing, people will end up driving to your old office and might get frustrated if your new office is far away. You don’t want to lose business!

Internal communication is also big for your office move. Make sure your employees are aware of what steps will be taken to get ready for the move ex: packing their belongings and adding labels. You also want your employees to start that communication with their customers and letting them know they will be moving to a new location. If your clients or customers are remote, maybe shoot them an email saying you’ll be slow to respond due to your new office move. Once you have a plan in place, you want everyone internal and external to be on the same page to assure the plan fits and meets everyone’s needs. For example, you want to make sure your employees pack their personal belongings in time for the packers and movers.

7. Meet Your Vendors Personally

Once you’ve had the initial email and phone communication, it’s important to meet your vendors personally to get rid of back and forth email communication. Move Solutions makes communication a breeze. Their account managers walk through everything with you and your employees every step of the way! This also helps build trust and a relationship. If someone is going to be handling your items, you want to make sure you have a trust built, so you’re not anxious and worried about whether they’re doing a good job. Meet your vendors and invite them to your office to show them what all you need to move so they can get a sense of how long it’s going to take. This way you can meet the team and get a sense of how they work. This also gets rid of the back and forth emailing, and a handful of questions and answers can get resolved during this meet and greet.

8. Assign Tasks

Give the checklist you wrote to your employees/movers and packers to assure the whole team is on the same page as you for your office move. Having a written communication document with your internal/external team is essential every time you meet or talk on the phone. This eliminates confusion or miscommunication if there is any and solves any complications on the spot. Assign tasks on your checklist to the respective teams (employees/packers/movers). This way, everyone is there to help along the way to assure the office move goes as smoothly as planned.

9. Executing Your Office Move

Before the big step, prepare to have a phone or face to face meeting with your teams. Email communication can sometimes cause confusion. Having a face to face meeting is essential to knock out any questions your employees may have right then and there. Plan to have a meeting a couple of days before the big move. Also, make sure your employees label all their boxes. Look at your blueprint, does it match the design of your new office? Make sure you review the plan with all the teams, so there are no questions the day of the move. Make sure you’re on site for the actual movement and execution and that everyone shows up promptly. Before your movers leave, make sure the furniture matches with the blueprints, ask your employees if everything was placed as discussed. The more eyes you have on the move, the better. You don’t want anything going wrong during this critical phase of business growth. Move Solutions also does a final clean up, so you don’t have to spend time patching up the wall paint and vacuuming.

Make your office move easy with Move Solutions – an Office Movers Company you can trust. They offer an in-house team of planners/managers and movers, so you don’t have to hunt for five different groups to do one job. Comment below if you’ve switched offices before and let us know what tips and tricks have helped you most!


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