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MSL Origin Story

Move Solutions: An Unexpected Adventure
Picture this: It’s 1987. The banking world is crashing like a bad game of Monopoly. And a soon-to-be business founder, Michael Monette is recovering from a recent divorce while being freshly unemployed. Suddenly, he’s hit with an aha moment that would change the trajectory of his career.

Booting Up a Business
With the backdrop of financial chaos and personal challenges, Michael focused on a silver lining. Inspired by a new PC with 10 megs of RAM he purchased at Sears, he thought, “Personal computers seem to be the next big thing. Why not start a company that disconnects, moves, and then reconnects this new technology when you’re moving to a new office space?” Soon, a new idea and a new business were launched.

Crafting a Brand with Crayons and Wine
So, how do you create a brand from nothing? After a couple of glasses of wine and some spirited doodling with crayons, Move Solutions was born. Why “Move Solutions”? First, Michael’s a big fan of company names that clearly tell you what the company does. Secondly, it’s exactly what Michael and his newfound love and soon to be wife, Linda planned to do—solve moving problems.

A Little DIY Design Goes a Long Way
Even though Michael designed his first logo and business card himself, they were both a big hit with clients. The atom symbol replacing the “O” in “Move” represented being part of the office moving ecosystem and the “Thank You” expressed gratitude before a deal was even signed. The couple even had a catchy slogan, “We’re not just moving your office, we’re moving expectations.” All of this often led to positive comments during meetings and, very often, to new client relationships.

More Than Just Movers
From its small, unexpected start to its current position as a leading name in office relocations worldwide, Move Solutions has become synonymous with innovation, confidence, and a bit of fun. The company was born during a financial downturn and since then, it has survived the Dot Com Bust, 9/11, The Great Recession, and The Pandemic. Today, Move Solutions is not just about moving offices; it’s about moving forward with a grin.

Top right shirt segment is from the “first” shirt.

We’re Leading the Way with Our Reusable Security Crates!

Move Solutions has led the eco-friendly moving charge for over 20 years. We are pioneers in switching from cardboard to reusable plastic crates. We reduced cardboard going into landfill by 20,000 pounds monthly. Our red security crates provide 33% more storage than cardboard plus locked security, crushproof durability, and easy handling. No one ever needs to lift a loaded crate! We’ll teach your employees efficient crate-packing, and you can prepare with our downloadable handouts.

FF&E “Anywhere”

Do You Know Move Solutions is one of the ten largest hospitality and business relocation service providers in the country, including being the largest in Texas.

From 1,000+ keys to single room models, each project receives the same exceptional attention to detail and commitment to ensure satisfaction.


Every Move Needs Secure Shredding, eWaste Disposal, and Certified Removal!

Move Solutions prioritizes your security, privacy, and business information. We offer scheduled, supervised disposal services for documents, electronics, and more.

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