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Top 5 Moving Hacks For Office Managers

Moving your office, your belongings and your entire staff can be a pain. You might be wondering “where do I even start?” There are some hurdles that you’ll need to tackle, but keeping your office running smoothly while knocking out all your tasks along the way is possible. Staying ahead of your timeline and communicating openly with your team will help you smooth out your transition. With some of these moving hacks and the right mindset, you’ll be able to address your office relocation without any problems. Read these tips to get started!

Moving Hacks: Be Ready to Adapt

Moving your entire office is a job of its own apart from your actual job. It’s crucial to have an adaptive mindset and to know beforehand that things can change. Not everything is always in your hands, i.e., the weather or technical difficulties, but you can still prepare yourself for most situations. It’s essential to have a backup plan (or several) and you must able to adapt and take care of your team along the way. Move Solutions has a project manager on site that assures that your office move goes as smoothly as planned. We make sure you’re not in this move alone. Just as you support your team through the day to day tasks, it’s our job to make sure we help you every step of the way on your move. If something does arise out of the blue, you can stay calm and adapt to your situation. Our project manager will work with you to sort out any obstacles.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

If you’re an office manager, you know that delegating is part of the job. You know your employees better than anyone, and you know what they excel at. Use this to keep lines of communications open with all of your co-workers during the office move. While you’re seeking guidance on moving to your office, be sure that you’re holding open communication via email or company chat. This is a very important moving hack. Keep people in the loop and know who can handle particular problems that could pop up and distract from the office relocation process. If you have a small company, its okay to get your employees involved in the move as long as it doesn’t disrupt their work. Delegating out tasks like switching addresses on business cards or packing up kitchen supplies can be helpful if your whole team is helping!

Make a Plan and a Timeline

Of course, you know that you have to make a plan for your office move. A to-do list can be a great way to make sure that things get done, but you also want to prep a timeline as well. When you’re changing offices, you should also ensure that each task is checked off your to-do list in order of importance. When you’re making your list, prioritize what’s most important first and least significant at the end and assign the amount of time you think it will take to complete each task. When creating your list add things like hiring movers, changing addresses, getting packing supplies and more. Consult with our project manager to create a list that will match the needs of your business.

Know What Needs to Go

Moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need. This applies to offices as well as homes. Do you need to move those papers, or can you digitize those records? Does that rickety chair need to come with you, or do you have it in the budget to replace some office furniture? Knowing these things ahead of time can simplify your move. Consult with your office team on what all to throw away and what all should go to the next office. You don’t want to spend money moving items you’re going to end up donating or throwing away. Getting new office furniture for your new office and starting fresh is also a great way to vamp up your new office.

Find the Right Partners

Managing a move can be a lot of work, especially when you’re running the day to day operations of the office as well. That’s why finding office moving companies that can help is often the best way to go. At Move Solutions, we’ll make sure that everything you need gets to where you’re going. With our moving hacks and planning, you’ll have way less to worry about and the confidence that comes from having a valued partner that you can trust. Start your hassle-free move with your professional project manager today!


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