Furniture Move Equipment That Will Ease Your Next Office Move

There are so many moving parts when you’re moving offices or homes. To have a successful move you want to make sure you have the right furniture move equipment such as crates/dollies and more. Without these types of equipment, you could be at risk of injuries or having your move take a lot longer than expected. Our blog highlights the equipment you will need for your next big move!

Furniture Move Equipment: Crates

People usually opt-in for using boxes when they pack to move. However, boxes can be unreliable and often dangerous if they break from carrying too much weight. Using crates is a better alternative since they provide more space as well as safety. Containers are also crush-free, meaning you can stack them on top of one another and none of your belongings will get crushed by the end of your move. Since they all come in one size and are easily stackable, this provides more space in the moving truck when moving. With boxes, they are often different sizes, so when you move you have to make a puzzle to make them all fit in the truck. With crates, that’s not an issue at all! Crates are not only more sturdy but are better for the environment.

Moving Dollies

Dollies are an essential furniture move equipment that almost every move needs. Dollies are great for moving heavy pieces of furniture or big appliances like a refrigerator. Without dollies, there could be severe back injuries if there is an attempt to pick up heavy objects without assistance. At Move Solutions, we come prepared with dollies, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We also make sure no one gets hurt in the process and that our equipment does the heavy lifting for us.

Moving Blankets & Pads

Moving pads and blankets assure that your furniture arrives at your new office without any nicks or scratches. These are used to cover your furniture, appliances and any other equipment that may get scratched or damaged in the moving process. Covering your belongings from top to bottom, ensure that they will arrive at their new destination without any scratches. Without these blankets and pads as safety nets, you could scrape or damage your appliances, furniture, and technology. Before you have to replace your items, protect it using moving blankets and pads.

Floor Runners

Floor runners are a furniture move equipment that provides a safety net between the items you’re moving and your floors. The last thing you want is for your flooring to get scraped from the dollies. Floor runners provide safety to all floors ensuring no wood is scraped, and no carpet is damaged. They create a flat, non-slip surface and can be cut according to the size of your new space. You can place these floor runners in your old office as well as your new moving space. This way if any flooring gets damaged while you’re moving out, you don’t have to pay for the scratches before your move. You can use your floor runners for your move out and move in. Just cut the pieces according to your new and old office, and you can use them more than once!

The Basics

After you have all your necessary move equipment, don’t forget to buy the basics such as tape, scissors and more! If you’re color coding your boxes, make sure you get some labels or color-coded tape. If you have to clean up before you leave your old place, be sure to buy cleaning supplies as part of your move out supplies. This can include, Clorox wipes, dusters, vacuum, etc.

Move Solutions has the furniture move equipment you need for your office move. Our staff comes prepped with all moving equipment, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We make sure nothing gets damaged in the process, and we also do a final clean (so maybe you don’t have to buy your cleaning supplies after all). Contact us today for your next big move!