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Corporate Office Moving: 11 Moving Tips for the Summer

Summer is usually the busiest time of the year to move. Corporate office moving can get even tougher. It’s crucial for you and your employees to come prepared and take some simple steps before your move. Read our blog to find great tips for your corporate office move!

1. Corporate Office Moving – Move in the Middle Months

Most people move right at the beginning of summer because leases are often signed in the beginning months. Since demand is so high, moving at the beginning of summer can sometimes get costly as well. It can also get hard for you to find movers because the demand for moving is so high. Since July/August are usually the hottest months; there are fewer moves during those months meaning it will be easier for you to find a moving company! If you’re moving to a different floor but staying in the same building, this still applies. You don’t want crowded elevators! If you move in the middle months, you will have a higher chance of having less overcrowded elevators to make your move more efficient and fast.

2. Stay Hydrated For the Move

Before your move be sure to buy cases of water or have a water supply available in your old and new office, so everyone stays hydrated. That way when your belongings arrive at the new office you have water ready to go for your employees and movers. Encourage and remind everyone to bring their bottles of water as well so they can fill them up as they run out. This way you don’t have to rely solely on cases of water. Yeti cups are great hydration cups. If you fill up your water and add ice, it will keep the water cold all day long. They are big enough to keep you going for 3-4 hours of your move!

3. The Right Moving Clothing

Corporate office moving in the summer can get very hot! Make sure you wear light layers, not only in clothing material but also in colors. Wearing darker shades like blacks and browns can attract more sun to your body. Wearing lighter clothing like whites and creams keep you cool and draw less sun. If you’re wearing shorts and tank tops during your corporate office move, be sure to apply sunscreen. If you’re moving within the same building but different floors, wear clothing that’s comfortable and easy to move around in. Jeans and a shirt is perfect for a move. It doesn’t constrict you from lifting things or setting up your desk space.

4. Turn on Utilities Before Your Move

Call your utility supplier and get your AC/water turned on before your move for your new office. If you’re not in charge of that process, talk to your leasing manager to make sure everything will be set up for your office move when you arrive. Do this a couple of weeks before the move, just in case if there is an issue, you have two weeks before your move to resolve it. That way when your movers arrive with your furniture, all you have to do is set up, and you’re done from there!

5. Get Your Move Started Early

Start your move early in the morning, or even come in an hour before work so that your employees can set up their desks and belongings before client calls start. This way you can have an early productive start to your day, and maybe you could let your employees out an hour early that day for coming in early for the move! Starting early means there will be no disturbance to your business. You don’t want people moving and talking when other employees have essential meetings that day that come up last minute. It’s important to be respectful of everyone’s space during the corporate office move.

6. Picking the Right Movers

For office moving services, it’s crucial that you choose the right movers who will understand the needs of you and your employees. Our team members at Move Solutions help to guide you every step of the way to make sure you’re never misguided. We have a team of project managers that meet with you to understand all of your needs and concerns before the big move-in day. We make sure all communication is done efficiently between you and us and your employees! Contact us today to get started on your corporate office move.


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