Corporate Office Movers - Plan Moving With Move Solutions

Corporate Office Movers: Plan Your Stages With Move Solutions

Moving corporate offices is a task that requires attention to detail and full hands on deck. If you have a big team and office, it’s essential to ensure that you have the steady flow of communication during the entire moving process. Move Solutions has a team dedicated to your corporate office move. In this blog, you’ll find how a team of project managers/packers and IT technicians can make your upcoming move hassle-free.

Corporate Office Move: Listening & Planning

Starting your move requires listening and planning during initial stages. Move Solutions has a team dedicated to attending to all your needs. A representative from our team will come to your office to listen to the requirements of your move. For example, where your new office is, why you’re moving, the size of your team, etc. We learn everything there is to know about your business, so no small details get overlooked. We gather data and present the moving plan to your team. This is done in person so that all aspects can be sorted out right then and there. Once everything has reached an agreement with 100% satisfaction, the team moves forward to the next step.

Project Management 

Move Solutions provides your team with a single point of contact, so you feel comfortable knowing you have someone with you every step of the way. Your project manager will be there for all on-site meetings to ensure all teams are on the same page and all issues get resolved on the spot. Project managers also ensure that your initial plan for your corporate office move is aligned with what’s being executed. Calls can also set up whenever needed to make sure things are going as planned.

The Preparation ( Moving & IT)

The packing and TechTeam work alongside your team to ensure your belongings are handled with care. Move Solutions provides crates that are crush proof and provide 33% more capacity than the average cardboard boxes for your move. These crates are also theft and waterproof. It is Move Solutions policy that we don’t let any of your employees lift a single loaded container. Instead, they are moved by our professionals onto dollies, which are pushed onto the truck directly and delivered to your new office. Move Solutions also has an IT team on deck to help you restore all devices and technology with full safety. The IT team provides the following:

  1. Disconnect, reconnect and reconfigure technological equipment before and after your relocation
  2. Server relocation as well as air and ground transportation services
  3. IT equipment receiving, shipping, inventory and placement
  4. Voice and data cabling

We take extreme care of your technical equipment and make sure its disconnected, packed and moved with the utmost care. Once you move to your new office, the technician team re-installs all technology to your new office and makes sure it’s entirely operable and running so you can start working right away.

Final Clean Up

Once your stuff has been packed/moved and set up, Move Solutions provides a final office clean up. When we say we take care of the whole office move, we mean it! An office clean up is the finishing and final touch up before you officially move in. This final clean up includes:

With a final clean, Move Solutions also provides you and your leasing manager with an inspection and sign off a document for:

Move Solutions wants to ensure everything is neat and tidy before you and your employees move into your new home. Our services aren’t done until our clients are a 100% satisfied. We offer a worry-free full-service package for your corporate office move. See how Move Solutions can make your upcoming corporate office move a breeze.


We’re Leading the Way with Our Reusable Security Crates!

Move Solutions has led the eco-friendly moving charge for over 20 years. We are pioneers in switching from cardboard to reusable plastic crates. We reduced cardboard going into landfill by 20,000 pounds monthly. Our red security crates provide 33% more storage than cardboard plus locked security, crushproof durability, and easy handling. No one ever needs to lift a loaded crate! We’ll teach your employees efficient crate-packing, and you can prepare with our downloadable handouts.

FF&E “Anywhere”

Do You Know Move Solutions is one of the ten largest hospitality and business relocation service providers in the country, including being the largest in Texas.

From 1,000+ keys to single room models, each project receives the same exceptional attention to detail and commitment to ensure satisfaction.


Every Move Needs Secure Shredding, eWaste Disposal, and Certified Removal!

Move Solutions prioritizes your security, privacy, and business information. We offer scheduled, supervised disposal services for documents, electronics, and more.

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