7 Reasons to Choose Move Solutions for The Next Office Moving

Office Moving: 7 Reasons Move Solutions Will Exceed Your Expectations

Office Moving is a time commitment that you may be short of. Move Solutions understands that, which is why we have an entire team to take the burden off your shoulders. Our team works with you every step of the way to make the move less of a hassle and more fun! Check out our blog to see how we can make your office moving process relaxed and easy going.

1. The Office Moving Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, Move Solutions has the team of experts to get your personal belongings moved into your new office space. From start to finish, you can rely on our team of expert packers, technicians and project planners to help you every step of the way. With four different locations serving Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin & San Antonio, Move Solutions will get your belongings where you need them with the utmost care. Move Solutions also offers fast and free quotes, so you don’t have to pay anything until you know they’re the team for you! If you are looking for professional  movers in San Antonio, Move Solutiosn is your best bet.

2. Personal Attention

From the start, Move Solutions provides personalized attention by coming to your office to start the moving process. The company listens and plans with you, so no details go missing. Move Solutions also does site visits, allowing the project manager to know how things will get executed on the big day. Attention to detail is a crucial part when moving offices; we make sure your items are placed where you want in your new office. We follow the plan that was set from the beginning, and we make sure we answer all your questions in the moving process. Our project manager will provide you with the personal attention you deserve. You and your company will never feel like you don’t know what the next steps are. Communication is critical to Move Solutions!

3. Property Protection

The skilled staff at Move Solutions is trained to protect all your items during the move with the top of the line processes. Our plastic crates come in different shapes and sizes, so your things aren’t clicking together or are so tight that they break. The different sizes ensure all your personal belongings stay compact and safe. We also provide property protection such as wallboard, floor protection, corner & door protection, zip tie crate locks, and elevator padding to protect all moving items from any damage. Move Solutions skilled staff is continuously trained on current processes and technology of property protection. We also provide the following:

4. TechTeam PC Server Services

Your technology moves wherever you go. We know your technology fuels your business and the expenses that go into running it. Move Solutions cares for your computers and servers with utmost care. Our team of technical experts will work with your team and equipment to ensure each technical piece is disconnected, packed, and moved with extreme caution. Once everything is packed and ready for the move, Move Solutions wires and connects all the computers to your new office space. We don’t leave until all your computers are working and your phones are ringing.

5. Logistics & Distribution

Move Solutions is known for their provision of logistics, distribution, hospitality FF&E, warehousing and more. We provide drop-off services or call in appointments. Our final focus is that you and your clients get what you need. We invest in warehouse space and inventory/dock management as a commitment to our clients. Our facilities are geared to handle all storage, retail, logistics and more. Our warehouse staff is trained to use a system that ensures all your items are tracked from the time they arrive on the floor to the point of destination. Real-time information is provided and managed via a GPS tracking network system. Our delivery teams adhere to two-hour delivery windows. All freight can be completed within 24 hours or less. Our efforts go into building lifelong relationships with our clients through our exceptional services.

6. Enterprise Accounts

Move Solutions has worked with firms like Capital One, Lockheed, Blue Cross Blue Shield and L3. With qualified, background checked, and drug tested professionals, Move Solutions is a respected partner of choice in the enterprise account business arena. As a founding member of Office Moving Alliance, Move Solutions can offer its services throughout the world.

7. Final Clean Up

Office moving is a task of its own and Move Solutions wants to make sure that you don’t have to call anyone else to repair your walls and ceilings after your move. Unlike some other companies, Move Solutions offers a final clean up after moving offices. This clean up includes touch up paint on walls, sweeping, mopping, replacing any damaged carpet or tiles and more! We make sure that you are settled in your office after our company leaves. Let us do all the grunt work for you, call us today to make your move hassle-free.


We’re Leading the Way with Our Reusable Security Crates!

Move Solutions has led the eco-friendly moving charge for over 20 years. We are pioneers in switching from cardboard to reusable plastic crates. We reduced cardboard going into landfill by 20,000 pounds monthly. Our red security crates provide 33% more storage than cardboard plus locked security, crushproof durability, and easy handling. No one ever needs to lift a loaded crate! We’ll teach your employees efficient crate-packing, and you can prepare with our downloadable handouts. Would you trust us with one meeting?

FF&E “Anywhere”

Do You Know Move Solutions is one of the ten largest hospitality and business relocation service providers in the country, including being the largest in Texas.

From 1,000+ keys to single room models, each project receives the same exceptional attention to detail and commitment to ensure satisfaction. Would you trust us with one meeting?


Every Move Needs Certified Secure Shredding, eWaste Disposal, and Removal!

Move Solutions prioritizes your security, privacy, and business information. We offer scheduled, supervised disposal services for documents, electronics, and more. Would you trust us with one meeting?

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