How Often are Businesses Relocating Every Year?

Businesses are often looking for ways to streamline costs while improving their ability to achieve success. There are many ways to accomplish this, and relocating may be a great option. There are many reasons why it is beneficial for business relocation to occur. Many business owners are looking for any advantage they can get to be successful, and a change of scenery may give them an edge.

How Often Does Business Relocation Happen?

While there are no actual records on how many times a particular business moves, there are records on how many moves per year. According to Move Buddha, 38% of those who move each year are corporations, 44% are small businesses, 16% are military, and 2% are government agencies. There are some considerations businesses must make when looking at potential relocation.


Cost is a critical consideration for every business decision. Business relocation may come with considerable cost, depending on the type of business. Moving can get a business closer to target markets or new talent. These can eventually help the company find success or balance out costs, but the move requires upfront cost. Also, depending on the type of business, you may have unique requirements for your office space.


A key reason for business relocation is the area. It is not uncommon for an area to change over the years. A business may move into a thriving area only to see it change over time. Factors such as crime, recreational areas, and educational facilities determine the quality of an area. This could impact the ability of a business to find employees that have the needed expertise. This could prompt businesses to look for a location where they have a more robust pool of potential applicants.

Results of Relocating

Business relocation has risks, but it could be the best decision for your company. If you have a solid business that has been operating for some time, you know what you need from a new location. You can search for an area that meets those specific needs. It is vital that you do not rush a move and focus on the wrong cost factors.

Business relocation can do wonders for your business as long as you make intelligent choices and focus on the right things. You cannot ignore cost factors or the health of the location when making your decision.