11 Packing Hacks To Save You Time During Your Office Move

11 Packing Hacks That Will Save You Time During Your Office Move

Packing up your entire office is a tough job in itself. Move Solutions provides packing hacks to make your life easier in the moving process. From packing boxes to labeling your items, all the packing hacks you need to know before your next office move. Become expert packers in seconds, let’s get started!

1. Organizing Your Tiny Bolts & Screws

There are lots of bolts and screws that come with un-assembling your desk and office furniture. It can be easy to get all the screws mixed up, especially when you have lots of desks in your office. To start, disassemble one piece of furniture at a time. It’s better to start with the bigger desks and work your way down to the easy desks. If you hired a moving company, they usually take care of unbolting and unscrewing. When you unbolt all the screws, take them and put them in a ziplock or baggie of some sort and tape the bag to the box you are putting your furniture in. This way all the screws match up with the right office desk. You want to make sure you put your screws in bags that will not rip, as well as assuring that you have strong tape when you tape down your bag to the boxes.

2. Cut Your Handles In Your Boxes

Cutting handles in moving boxes makes moving them a lot easier, as seen in the picture on the left by Lifehack. Save your back from injury with this one super easy trick. All you have to do is assemble your cardboard box, and before you add all your items, get scissors and cut holes in a place where your hands would go. You want to make sure you’re cutting the hole big enough to place your full hand inside the carveout, as well as a good length to where you feel comfortable holding your boxes. With Move Solutions, our movers don’t have our customers pick up boxes. As professional office movers, we know how to avoid injuries and will help you with your office packing and moving needs.

3. Don’t Put Heavy Objects In Cardboard Boxes

Crates are a great way to pack heavy objects, such as monitors, breakroom appliances, and more. Crates enable you to carry more without worrying about the contents falling through the bottom. With cardboard boxes, if your items are too heavy they could fall through and ultimately incur damage or even worse…break. Move Solutions provides crates for their customers so they don’t have to worry about damaging any of their personal items. However, cardboard boxes might work great for small knick knacks you have around your office like picture frames or pencils.

4. Color Code Boxes With Duct Tape

If you have different colored duct tape, you can color-code your boxes instead of writing which box is for what room once you’re done packing them. For example, if you have green duct tape labeled for the supply room, you can place a piece of the green tape across the supply room box. You can also have a legend key that says green tape = supply room etc. for all your rooms and colors. That way your movers at Move Solution know exactly where to place all your boxes instead of you having to tell them. You can hand everyone a legend that notes which box color goes in which room.

5. Label your cords

When you have so many computers in your offices, it’s important to label which cords go with what. Do they go with your tv in the conference room? Your phone? Your computer monitor? To get organized and not get your cords mixed up, its necessary to label them as you pack. Start by disassembling one item at a time. Start with your phone cords or your computer monitor cords. Once they’re unplugged, fold them up and use a cord labeler or use duct tape that you have in the office and write over it in sharpie on which item that cord belongs to. Once you’re done, start on the next item. Go one at a time so you don’t have a million cables lying around in the end and you have no idea on which tech they correspond to.

6. Organize Cords With Tubes

If you don’t have duct tape or a labeler, you can also fold up your cords in empty toilet rolls you have lying around and label them. For example, fold your HDMI cord and label it HDMI, same with your phone cord or your USB cords like the image on the left by One Good Thing. Add the duct tape color to your toilet paper roll that corresponds with the color of your boxes. For example, if your conference room box is blue, add blue duct tape to all the toilet paper cords so the movers know that all wires in this room should match the conference room that was labeled blue on your legend along with all items packed in the boxes that are blue.

7. Pack Kitchen Items Last

Since your employees will need the kitchen until the move make sure you pack your kitchen boxes last. You want to make sure your plates don’t break. If you have plastic plates, try placing them in between your ceramic plates. This way there is a styrofoam or plastic cushion between each plate. This hack helps to assure that the dishes don’t break while hitting each other or the plastic crate moving boxes.

8. Pack All Boxes That Go In One Room Together

When you’re done packing your items, stack the boxes that go in one room together. You also want to make sure all your things from the kitchen are in the kitchen box with correct labels/colors etc. Once you’re done with all the boxes, place them together with all the kitchen boxes next to each other or piled on top. This packing hack makes your move go faster so your movers can put all boxes in one room together instead of going from room to room because your boxes weren’t lined up/stacked correctly.

9. Rubberband Pencils Together

Get all your pens and pencils in your supply room/desk and rubberband them together. This assures that they don’t fly out in the boxes while you’re moving. It’s not worth losing your favorite pen or pencil because you were in a rush. If you don’t have a rubberband get a pouch or bag to make sure your accessories stay in one place. This packing hack will save you!

10. Bubblewrap It All

Bubble wrap is essential during a move. You don’t want your monitors or your TV screens breaking. Get bubble wrap in bulk before you start packing to make sure you wrap everything nice and tight.  Move Solutions provides a team to guide you with packing tips to make sure none of your items break. The last thing we want is for your technology to get damaged.

11. Organize Your Paperwork

Before you start packing for your move, make sure you throw away your junk and only take the things you’re going to need in your new office. Think of this as your fresh start! You don’t want to take mail that you haven’t opened for weeks or papers you haven’t looked at in years. Think of this as a spring cleaning and trash your junk and start your new move fresh. When packing up your papers, make sure you have a folder or filing system. Don’t throw all your documents in your moving box. They could get damaged by weather conditions (unless they’re plastic crates provided by Move Solutions) or even lost. Get folders and label all your papers like how you marked all your boxes.

These packing hacks will overall help you save time when it’s time for you to unpack. You’ll know which chords should go with which monitor or computer screen. Move Solutions also has a team dedicated to making your packing experience the best one. Comment below for which hack helped you, or if you have any others you want to share!


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