Commercial Moving Services in San Antonio: 25 Years & Above

Commercial Moving Services in San Antonio: 25 Years and Going Strong

If you know San Antonio you know that it is widely known as “THE place to be” in April for a very good reason. Every year people from all over the world descend on the city to celebrate Fiesta, the 10-day festival teeming with music, food, art and dance in honor of the city’s vibrant Mexican heritage. More than three million people attend each year.

Move Solutions has been doing business in the Alamo City for 25 years. Our operation there is led by a highly capable business relocation expert, Kathy Gutierrez. Kathy is a well-respected professional in a male-dominated industry and a big contributor to what makes Move Solutions, a woman-owned and operated company, successful.

If you ever meet Kathy ask her about the time we moved a client to downtown San Antonio during the height of Fiesta, when the streets were jam-packing with sightseers and merrymakers. Kathy likely will tell you the move was a big challenge. Fortunately, with assistance from city officials and the traffic management department, we were able to cross that hurdle. Our cargo trucks got full, unimpeded access to the road leading up to the destination and were able to complete their delivery in a timely manner.

That’s just one example of how we have helped companies surmount obstacles, find solutions, and settle into San Antonio as their new home. Here are a few more examples.

It’s Complicated; CPS Energy

This year we had the pleasure of serving CPS Energy, the energy provider for San Antonio. It is the nation’s largest municipal utility that provides both natural gas and electrical services to its customers. The project involved relocating 1,200 people over six consecutive weekends.
Each phase of the project had to be carefully choreographed because we were moving the company from four different locations into a huge, new two-tower campus. To manage it, we limited the relocation of only two origin locations at a time into one of the towers. Careful planning and precise orchestration were required.

But the challenge didn’t stop there. Three of CPS Energy’s departments had confidential, sensitive contents and equipment that required strong security measures; it had to be escorted at all times. To meet this need, we moved all three departments on a single weekend with one dedicated crew. Similarly, we moved each of the C-Suite executives with one dedicated crew. Following a month and a half of well-planned execution, CPS deemed its relocation a success.

An Inside Job; Charter Communications

It’s been said that it’s easy to win a client; the hard part is keeping the client. We have worked with Charter Communications, the telecommunications and mass media company that is now Spectrum Communications, for more than 15 years. During the course of our relationship, we have provided the full array of our services, not only relocation but installation, technical services, project management and decommission services.

A recent project for Charter Communications explains why sometimes a commercial move doesn’t involve trucks at all. Charter approached us with a unique request: Set up a temporary working space (internally) for 200 people while their usual work area undergoes an update. Six different departments and the reconfiguration of more than 200 workstations was involved.
Our challenge: Determine which furniture was needed and where it would be placed, then create the logistics for the flow of people, furniture and equipment into the temporary swing space, moving one department at a time. Then reverse the process when the new space was ready.
After much planning and careful execution, the project was completed without a glitch. Our work allowed Charter employees to continue their work uninterrupted.

Healthcare For Soldiers; Wilford Hall

The Wilford Hall Medical Facility at Lackland Air Force Base is the U.S. Air Force’s flagship medical facility for outpatient care. It is a new, 682,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that includes an ambulatory surgical center. Part of the San Antonio Military Health System, its mission is to provide access to excellent medical care for beneficiaries and their families.

Move Solutions knows from working with several military clients in the past that the officers in charge set high standards for precision and accuracy in everything they do. Our orders were clear: Relocate 90 different departments consisting of about 3,500 personnel to the new medical facility and complete the move of each unit in quick succession. We had just three months to execute.

We provided much more than just a move, however. Our team was responsible for project management, installation and decommission services. Moving each department within the tight time frame was a challenge. There could be no slippage in the schedule, which was determined by the government based on the critical functions of each medical unit. Some departments had to be moved one right after the other on the same day.

Move Solutions rose to the occasion, quickly adjusting our manpower and equipment on an as-needed basis. We adhered to every timeline, met every deadline. More than (3500) people had arrived at their new workplace.

Move Solutions has been in the commercial moving business more than three decades. We are the largest office relocation company in Texas. As our work in San Antonio shows, the expertise, knowledge and resources we marshal on behalf of clients has proven to be invaluable.

On the surface San Antonio and Fiesta may seem light-hearted. But when it comes to providing outstanding service to our clients that do business there, we are exceptionally serious in the midst of Fiesta!


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